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Inventory bug

I have been trying to prevent my inventory to raise beyond 40k items. Well, I have been in-world for over 2,5 years now, so I guess that is not so much, huh ? Anyway, I am going through some of the folders and am re-classifying everything. This helps me remembering what the devil I have been spending my precious lindens on… and indeed I re-discovered quite a few things I had totally forgotten about.

While doing that, I came across all those outfits I bought in my early days. Most of them I will never use again – and I know I am repeating myself, but oh gosh, design really evolved a LOT during this time! Anyway, I kept some of them, for sentimental reasons. I am still able to remember where I wore one or another of those outfits, and many made me smile, hehehe

Then, I noticed something peculiar. I tried to find out what was the first outfit I had bought… and was not able to do so? Why not ? Well, simply because the acquisition dates for year 2006 appear to be totally bugged up!

I first rezzed in the end of November 2006. However, some of the items in my inventory were apparently bought in August that same year, September, October and so on. Everything that I bought in 2007 seems to be alright and not affected by this curious disease, but I have to admit I felt a bit annoyed for not being able to identify the exact date I had bought my first favourites.

I tried to look for the reasons that had caused this and could not find any explanation. Could it be that these items had vanished from my inventory at a certain point and then recovered from LL main database, thus loosing their original properties ? Or was there a huge catastroph at the end of 2006 that I was never aware ? hehehe

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Dead is final. Or not.

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The Black Market


It’s sort of a sale of some of the best designers in-world, but not only, since you also find there lots of items at regular prices.

Another thing you will find there, is what I believe to be Miel’s first hair ever. And it’s lovely. Plus, it only costs 125L$. A killer I would say.

The amazing piratish set-up is a bonus. Run and enjoy, if you dare to face the lag, hehehehe.

To be found in here.

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but unable to go to bed before posting this, LOL.

Not sure yet about this terrain, LOL

Not sure yet about this terrain, LOL

Welcome to Ephemeria

Ephemeria - terraforming

Still terraforming, but could not resist planting a couple of things before heading to bed. Feel free to have a feeling of the place if you want to… tomorrow it will probably be a bit different, hehehe

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Raw Ephemeria


There is a place where time has no meaning. Where time may be whatever we wish it to be. A past time. or a time there never existed before. A paralel time, or time of other planets, where the day lasts for longer. Maybe even a stuck time, a frozen frame that we wish to never erase from our minds or souls.

Something totally different…

Yes, there is such a place in-world – it’s called Ephemeria, and even if it doesn’t look like something grand now… it will, LOL

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Ephemeral, unedited

Ephemeral, unedited

… I celebrate my 1000th day in-world, up until midnight SLT. A special thanks to Ms DeCuir who kindly draw my attention to this fact, and a BIG hug to the Emerald Viewer designers who included such a cool feature on their work, hehehehe

I am sometimes a bit supersticious and tend to see signs… where there are any, often, LOL.

I don’t know… I crave for something… wish I new what it was !

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