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I haven’t write much, lately. For all that matters, I haven’t speak much as well, lol. One of those stages, you know, when all you need is to be quiet and enjoy the peace around you, absorb what happens with and around you and keep… still.

Because me in first life equals me in second life, the same feeling applies when I am in-world. Just to make things clear, I am not trying to avoid you. I just am feeling comfortable on my own, that is all.

Today, however, I knew I had to share this place where I suddenly found myself while exploring the wilderness out there *smiles*. I am not going to describe it, because – again – the place touched me deep and i do not feel like sharing that much, hehehe. The pictures I shot there will speak for myself. The only thing you need to know is that you’ll find both light and darness at [XIV]. Most images below are from the dark side… hope you feel inspired to capture the light 😉 Enjoy !

XIV - Entrance

XIV - Time & Music

XIV - Time & Books

XIV - Dark Side

XIV - Darkness me

XIV - Lightness me

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Ever since I first heard about Melt – an installation on thin ice I have been waiting for the place to be available and jump in. Have to admit that I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to tp there, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough and no parcel was to be found until I finally gave up.

As I woke up today, Melt was my first thought. So I took the chance that the household was still sound asleep and was absolutely delighted as I found myself there just upon my first trial. I will let Radio Signals, the mind behind the whole project speak about it… for no doubt her words are far more appropriate than mine:

“Artists absorb the world around them. Their environments, that which they can feel and touch and see – and that which they can’t. Sometimes that which they can only dream of. They absorb it and translate it into a language that affects us all in some way.

This project is a study of translations. I presented 25 artists within Second Life with a concept of creating art with these words in mind: Drowning. Melting. Polar bears. Arctic. Culpability. Corporate greed. Inevitability. Extinction.

What they have done is breathtaking and beyond any realm of my expectations.

Welcome to Melt – Please explore and involve yourself in this temporary world created here. Interact with it, wear it, enjoy it and immerse yourself in it.

Melt is only open March 6 – March 21, Please feel free to share your experience by adding your snapshots to the Mirror Installations Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/meltinstallations/

Thank you
Radio Signals”

As for me, I will let images speak – simple photoshootings I took of this venture that gathers some of the best artists and designers in-world. Be prepared to spend some of your lindens as well, therefore do not forget your wallet at home!

Melting bears

One with the sea

One with the sea II

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Second Life often seems to push us over the edge. I mean, as if we couldn’t stop wanting more and more… of just about anything.

This evening, I wanted to see something… different. I looked for places that were not beaches nor mountains, neither forests or deserts.

This evening, I was hungry – and I found Cariacou.

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I have been very lazy and not writing much lately. Useless to say who is to blame for that, lol. Anyway, I still have my lil dose of Second Life on a daily basis and I still hang around pretty much, looking for places that arouse my inspiration to take some pictures.

Last evening, Petros introduced me to White Taj and Black Taj, which are current showcases at the LL site. Most of the times, the places featured there are not exactly of the kind to make my legs shake, but these ones, oh my!

In fact, the place is composed of two sims, each with a different interpretation of FL Taj Mahal, and both with a particular soft beauty, different from the goldish versions that we grew used to see in-world. I have to admit it, I never quite understood why are most of the marble textures so cheap-looking. Usually that is what draws me away from most arabian/indian related places. (Small parenthesis in here to encourage you to also visit Sands of Persia – a place that materialises my inner arabian fantasies, lol).

Well, better let the pictures speak for themselves. These two buildings are actually huge, and each has its own specific attractions. While in the Black Taj you may happily stroll around beautiful gardens filled with romantic spots, at the White Taj you will find a most delightful beach, besides a gallery and a ballroom. In both of them, also some well known stores such as Zaara and Mashooka – a wise choice to help keeping the sims up and totally inside the main theme.

Black Taj - White Taj I

Black Taj White Taj - take II

Black Taj White Taj - crude

A soothing and tranquil travel that drags you away from your common landscapes, these places reminds us each day that the metaverse is only the result of the residents imagination and hard work.

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You know, sometimes I just crave for perfect places… and I am lucky enough to find them in Second Life often.

And now, I have a small confession to make – I do love to live in 100Limite, but here and then I NEED to plunge my feet in an unknown see and sit my but on wet sand. What can I say? In FL, I was born in a continent where the ocean was warm and we beaches were accross the street – if even there was any street to be crossed, lol.

I firmly believe that’s where my fascination towards the vastness of the sea was born. And yesterday, I sat in awe… at a place I am so unable to describe, that is better shown in an image.


Meet Billingsgate – a name that made me smile as I walked across the thin thong of sand. Nothing there, apart from sand, sea and sky. There is not even music, nothing that may distract you from your inner thoughts. A place ideal to click on the pause button. From life, from everything.

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Unedited - Shot at Montagne di Sogni

Unedited - Shot at Montagne di Sogni

What is hapiness all about ? Perfect moments, when time comes to an halt and nothing seems to matter except for the beating of one’s heart…

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Yesterday I left a hint, today I am showing a Malt design which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the store so much. And while looking for a place to shoot the background, I discovered Galonge. I was in the mood for a bit of sand, but would have never dreamt I would find that many in just one place. Worth the visit of every desert lovers.

Malt in Galonge_framed

Hair: Novocaine Hair – Haruka – amber
Nails: Vextra Ultra shine Nail Polish #1 (burgundy)
Eyes: PIDIDDLE – Motion Sickness Eyes – MyMind
Lashes: Apparence *ApS* – Prim Lashes Desiree –
Skin: lessthan3 skins – sugar [skittles tan F]
Outfit: .:MALT:. Fashions – Alison Tunic – Purple Patch
Jewelry: *Primagine* Spring Bouquet set
Sandals: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette

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Embryo in a web

It was the first of many revisits, I am sure. Yesterday, Embryo reminded me what SecondLife is all about. Magic. Creativity. Absence of limits. The feeling of actually being side by side with geniuses who wander amongst us, mere humans.

The virtual world may cease to exist one of these days. The memory of these art works will nevertheless remain embedded in our souls and minds, webbed in our pictures and deeply entagled in the way they change us, each and everyway.

It is all about becoming immortal in an ever-changing environment.

siestabril, you will be immortal in my very own remembrances. Thank you.

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Error - When the day comes to an end

Far behind the day we live today, I often pictured myself walking on a beach of white soft warm sand. I was alone, most of the time, and my white dress swirled around my tanned legs as the wind played around with my hair.

Sometimes, a very young girl holded my hand firmly, almost as if she was guiding my steps. As I turned backwards, however, there was but one pair of footprints by the sea.

This day, I know better. I realised the young girl all dressed in white, like myself… is no one else but me as well. And today, as odd as it may seem, I found in-world the dress I always wore in my dreams. And I knew at that moment that the time had come for me to take refuge in a almost deserted place – was it an Error ?

It never is, going to places we longed to be…

Error - Light
(more dreams in my flickr stream)

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…have you ever been in Tigerclaw ? Oh, you haven’t ? Mmm… *secret smile*

Well, if the plaque near the tp point is correct, the place exists since year 2003 – which is at least a proof of longevity and stability, in an environment that changes everyday. The description says it is a battle city and in fact, the whole ambience is that of an rp place.

Guess that would be enough for rp lovers to jump there – but if you are not one, and even you LOVE amazing things… well, you SHOULD go there!

Ah, and while you enjoy your walk, don’t forget to collect the small beige and brown boxes you will find scattered all around. No, they are not to throw away – because in fact they contain the greatest crazyest alternative freebies I have seen in many, many time (and you know I’ve been doing a lot of hunts lately, therefore please give me at least the benefit of doubt, ok ?).

Guess I can start by a bit of fashion. The awesome boots below, as well as both jackets and the belt (oh gosh, that belt is simply something out of any world, hehehe) are given as… yes, I am going to repeat the word again – FREEBIES !


And now that I have noticed the gentlement raising their eyebrows and saying something like “oh nooo, here we go again!” you might want to take a look at the special store wich is clearly identified as FREEBIE HOUSE – and have a blast with the houses and gagdets pictured down here. YES, all those lunatic awesome houses are gifts. As the bycicles as well and some airboards, robot hands etc that only Piu keeps in his inventory (though they are really cool, my ability as a driver in world is not something I am particularly proud of, lol).


And the houses, OMFG!! They are funny, totally different from anything I saw before and with menus allowing to change colours of inner windows, floors, etc. And the funniest of them all, in pink and blue, with bunniez and teddiez – you really HAVE to try them and check all the surprises they carry inside.


Right. NOW I deffinitely need a whole sim to play, hehehehe

PS: Sandy, je suis particulièrement sûre que tu aimeras bien cette place ! ❤

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