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It all started with opening boxes from the treasure hunts I did recently. As I struggle with my camera getting stuck in tree benches and with the lack of prims to rezz certain items (some of them are complete buildings, for instance).

Thus, Petros suggested we look for a desert sim, and there we went. We found a very quiet sim with almost no traffic at all and there we entertained ourselves opening boxes and organising our inventories. Then, as he had to leave, I had a closer look to my map and decided to verify if there were empty sims around. And yay! There are! A bit all over the grid, there are homesteads and full sims that are no more than squares of empty virtual land. Many of them, I found out, even allow anyone to rezz at will, and don’t even have the auto-return feature ticked on.

So there I was, looking as 65K square meter of land. And little by little an idea started to form in my mind. I know it’s been far more than a year that I complain I don’t have the financial breath to keep a sim just for people to play around. I have been dreaming of all sorts of temporary installations, from landscaping to abstract art.

So I had a start of it. This is only a simple essay at landscaping, in a place I cannot play with the terraform tools – so… everything has to be done with prims. A quarter of a sim is in place already, today I will go for another quarter. Yesterday on Plurk, a friend was saying that I was bringing life to death sims – in fact, I feel I am just having fun and taking advantage of someone’s else paying prims for nothing lol.

Whales on fresh air – a temporary installation by Summer W

Ah! This is an open project, which means that anyone who feels like joining just needs to message me by any mean whatsoever. You see, a sim is a large place, with many prims available. Therefore, there’s plenty of room, hehehe. Adn who knows… this may even become a regular event, me – or several people – “taking” a sim for their own pleasure during a weekend.

Moons over the Whale Bay – courtesy of Ms. aRa Sheridan

In case you would like to visit the place of contribute with your own pieces, just knock on my door. But of course, do keep in mind that everything will be on place just for the weekend – by monday, it will all be gone !

Moon over the Whale Bay – close up

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I spent most of the afternoon rebuilding our home garden today. Then, as the day faded, me and Petros headed to BareRose and picked up the special “Hug a Tree” costumes. Along with each outfit came a tree, that put together with the other helped me to set up a very special spot.


As the night moved on we melted into our branches and became one with Mother. I looked around and sighed… for I knew I was home.

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