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Trying to decide whether it’s worse letting go of someone or letting go of the dreams that person brought attached to. Guess that’s my deepest fear, that at one point I simply quit dreaming…

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Time off

I need a break. See you at some point later.

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She looked at the abyss opening right before her feet. Deep inside of her, the same words echoed, over and over again “you’re so special to me. I’ve never felt anything like this”.

Yeah, words are so easily said, aren’t they ? And in a way, she understood. Of course we ALL are special to everyone we relate to, we all have roles to play in one another’s lives. So what ? Does that really mean anything special ?

Hands over her ears, she shouted out loud to stop those words. She knew they didn’t have the meaning she wanted them to have, she knew they wouldn’t lead her anywhere. She found herself fighting her dead ends, her own feelings and felt trapped again.

The voices only kept making themselves loud and clearer. “I love you”, they kept saying “why don’t you believe me?”. She didn’t. She had been there and new all about meaningless words that didn’t actually turn into actions.

So she took a step on and left herself fall in the abyss.

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The hybrid looked at the stairs that went up and up and for a moment he hesitated. Around him, the world was a pure blank cloud, which hardly let him guess what would be next to the few dark steps he could notice amongst the mist. Very hesitantly, he stepped on the first one… and waited. Nothing seemed to have happened, even though he could be almost sure that the steps were not grounded in any solid basis, just suspended in the air. Then he risked another step, somewhat more confident of himself, and then a third one.

When he got to the fourth step, his bare feet were used already to the rough texture of those strange steps, connected amongst each other and yet not in a physical sort of way. He just had a feeling that something held them together… a powerful will, of an imaginative creator of sorts.

Step after step, up he went through the stairways. Like a spiral going up and up, he had no idea where they were leading him to – but now it was too late to go back, the steps seemed to melt as soon as he took the next one. He mumbled softly ‘I know, I have to move forwards, so the only way is up”. He found himself walking faster and faster, an anxiety growing deep inside of his heart which beat at the same rhythm of his feet, each time quicker. Now, he simply had to know where that path ended.

Along the way, he crossed some other vague figures, hardly perceived among the midst. Some of them were sitting on one of the steps and he nearly stumbled on them. Others were cheerfully singing and dancing in small groups. He could even hear the footsteps of someone climbing up just after him, with the same stubborn and ever faster pace. He didn’t care, was not really interested in stopping and waiting for that other one, didn’t want to know that other person and even less to climb the stairways together. That was a journey of him alone, thus the mere presence of others were totally indifferent and almost surreal. All he cared for was… what would be at the very top of all those stairs ?

A door stood there, before him. Dark as a moonless night, made quite a contrast amongst the midst. Something in that shut, quiet and mute door frightened him, and made him wonder if he should even open it. Was this the mission he was supposed to achieve ? Was this the end of the quest he had gone through all his entire life ?

A sudden blow of wind opened the door for him, and pushed him inside.

‘Inside of what?’ was his first thought, just because the place seemed to be totally desert, not even letting him know either he founded himself inside a room or somewhere outside. The wind had stopped, and had been replaced by a far away soft line of musical notes putted together as if by hazzard. Not being sure where he was stepping on, he dared a couple moves onwards, and noticed the musical notes started to make some kind of sense. The more he walked in (or out?), the more he realized he was in fact listening to song after song… music as he had never listened to before.

He closed his eyes and knew then. He was the wolf man and had to use all his senses – in time, he was now certain, he would use all twenty of them. But for now, he only had to use his ears and let himself float in this new unknown musical world where each and every note came from no other place than from inside of him.

(Story inspired and based on the pictures above all of them by Rio K.). Thanks, sweetie !

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While everyone else gets concerned about Qarl, Zen and Kate Linden being dismissed and my ignorant self wonders what’s the path this LL Management is taking… well, I decided to lighten up and just myself beautiful, lol. Yeah, haven’t been much around and my FL has been a lil bit busy lately, but just give a moment and I’ll catch up soon 😀

Hair: >TRUTH< Tabatha – carrot
Skin: .::TD:: Dinah in Fall – Toast -lo mein-
Jewelry : Miel Elo Set
Dress: [SC] Surf Couture – Somer Dress in Golden
Sandals: Kalnins Footwear – Dante
Pose by [doll]

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