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Yeah… I haven’t been writing much, I know. You see, I don’t know exactly why but I always tend to write much less whenever I feel happy – and this has been a particularly happy season for me in my FirstLife, which not only lets me less available to be in-world but also leads me to do other things 🙂

Anyway, I felt that I could at least bring what may be my last post of the year, and thus I looked for something that could communicate how comfy it is to be here where I am. That is, in my new home both in-world and in FL 🙂

I know I wished you all already a lovely Christmas Season, but I wanted to add: above all, in this time of the year, I hope that you are able to share yourself with those that you love and have some days off filled with joy and peace. Have a look inside of you and pay attention to what your heart is saying, than follow its way, that would be my best Christmasy advise to you.

Exactly what I am doing at the moment.

My heartly friendship to all of you who come around for some news once in a while and please, please… be HAPPY, will you?

Fashion details:
Skin: Curio :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Beach-Coral 2
Hair: fri.day – Jennifer – Passionate Red
Outfit: *League* Grandad Braces with the new Thermal mix’n’match pieces
Undertee: fri.day – Basic Cami (White)
Jewelry set: MIEL LUN
Boots: Maitreya Billow Boots – Cherry

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I believe I had mentioned the Fifty Linden Fridays in here already – yes, I could check it but I’m sort in a hurry to go to work, lol.

I think I started doing the Friday Shopping almost from the start, when the first shops joined to put up this awesome initiative and I soon noticed this gathered a lot of my own faves. Since then, I have to confess that the first thing I do on Fridays whenever I get to work is loggin and spend some cash, hehehe

Yesterday, even though I didn’t buy the Fishy Strawberry 50L$ item, I totally fell for this jeans and top, and I couldn’t resist wearing them at once. That’s a store totally worth visiting and shopping, it gathers so many styles that’s quite impossible for you not to find something that you will like.

Fashion details:
Skin:.::>>CI<<::. (Corrupted Innocence) Eva Skin
Hair: fri.day Tatum
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* Equinox Jeans with Poisonous Lotus Top
Bangles: Style Starts Here
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Coffee Candy Boots
Pose: VOGA
Shot at: Innu

… while shopping after these bargain items I looked around and was again pretty amazed at some avatars who were also doing the friday Tour. Which gave me an idea that I hope I'll have the chance to materialise. *winks

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Often, one thing leads to another. This time, I got curious about this store called fri.day… and the lovely hair made me finally change clothes hehehehe.

That… and the fact that I was exhausted last night and fell to sleep at 9 pm. I guess that was the reason why I woke up at 4.30 am today. Oh well, just in time to jump into the shower and get ready to another working day.

Skin: Curio
Hair: fri.day
Dress: Tyranny Designs
Jewelry: Miel
Flats: Lassitude & Ennui

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