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I’ve been running from my own thoughts, these last couple of months. Keeping myself away from things I don’t want to think, feelings I don’t want to feel. Have been busy as hell, doing this and that and feeling the more I do the more things I leave undone.

It’s a bit useless, though. One day, you stop for a while and all these thoughts and feelings trap you. All they need is a window of opportunity and here they are again, pushing you against a wall of confusion, anger and fear. Then you know that maybe it is time to stop. To re-organise your life and your drawers. To make a break and go some place else. To have a deep look inside of yourself and face all those nasty little monsters that play seek and hide with your mind and soul.

Yes, there is no use in running from problems. Instead, you have to acknowledge them, and deal with them. They will not go away just because you don’t want to think about them – and wherever you go they will follow you.

Therefore – stop. You can either live with them or you can’t. And if you can’t, well… get that lazy butt off that chair and solve them once and for all! Do whatever you need to, cut the remaining roots if you still didn’t and move on. Oh, don’t look at me with that face, i do know it hurts like hell – but how long do you honestly think you can live with those unsolved matters?

Stop busying yourself with things that are just accessories. Work is not, health is not, as the special people in your life are not. Those should be your priorities. All of the rest, it’s things you will do on your spare time – do you need a definition of spare?

I look around and see work waiting for me. Plurk unattended. Conversations with my kid still waiting for the light of day. Lots of clothes and accessories to be shot and published. Talks with my guy left unspoken. Pictures to be taken, treated, posted. Posts to be written and books to be read. News to be watched. Walks by the sea to be taken. Taxes to be submitted.

No use running, sweetie. There are things that don’t depend on you alone, and those you have to endure as they are. However, there are others just waiting for you to take some steps. Will you do them?

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There I was, frenetically waving and welcoming everyone during my hosting shift at Sweethearts (any hints on how to welcome people who constantly come in without sounding like a parrot are welcome, lol) when I received this e-mail from Rickardo Congrejo, boyfriend to Majella Maynard, one of our Co-Managers.

He was asking me if I was still hosting, which obviously rose my curiosity. Then he starts telling me he had planned to proposed to Majella right there at Sweethearts, and asked me to help him with some special measures. As he laid down the proposal pose balls, I requested our guests to keep quiet for a little bit… and then he tped her.

It is hard to explain the beauty of the moment, and the picture below doesn’t translate at all the magical feeling that overwhelmed all who stood there. You see, Sweethearts is the kind of place with a constant trafic of at least 50 avatars. I leave it to your imagination how it is to be among a crowd as such… and listening only to the soft background music. I could almost feel all the others holding their breath as they listened to Rickardo’s sweet sweet speech – and Majella’s excited positive reply.


It took her ages to put her engagement ring on! I can only imagine how was she feeling at that time… on my side, it was impossible to prevent some stubborn tears to fall from my eyes.

And then the crowd bursted applauding and cheering them both… as if suddenly waking up from some dream – and I found myself laughing out loud at my laptop.

Rickardo was kind enough to invite Petros to be his bestman. Aw, I can hardly wait for the wedding to come and already started imagining what will we both be wearing – Styles of Edu, here we come, hehehehe!

The same hapiness and positive energy I felt there then, woke up with me today, and I still smile and hear my heart sing as I write these lines. You see… sometimes it takes this few to make you feel in peace – and couples in love have this ability to throw upon everyone around this special cloak waved of smiles and songs…

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As I move forward and learn about the world I realize that in this after-life of mine all I can do is sharing my weak wisdom with the younger ones who still struggle to find themselves and drop on them some useful insights, such as the importance of free-choice. After all, life is just a travel through self-knowledge, and it’s up to each one to choose where to go, when, how and with whom.

Thus, if you want to live, open yourself and let the world come into you. Invite people around you to set home in your heart and pick up some divinity to live in your soul. After that, you will only need to let yourself go. Don’t be afraid of hurting or being hurt – it won’t kill you and it won’t kill the ones around you, it will merely teach you all some lessons about life itself. You will fall, for sure, but you will get up on your feet sooner or later. Face the unknown and challenge it to play with you. And before you know it, you will see how fulfilling it all can be.

Above all – don’t waste too much time thinking. Some of the replies are too complex for us to understand their full meaning, so there’s really no point on asking the questions. Therefore, stretch your wings and breathe in and out, deeply. Silent your mind and open your heart… you’ll do just great !

(so, you may ask, what skills do I have to teach classes on Life ? Well, I’ve been there and I’ve learnt – hope that is enough. No, I am no Guru nor have any diplomas. But I’ve been paying attention for the last 42 years and now – while I wait for the next stage to come – is where I have time on my hands to at least try to help you keeping ghosts and fears out of the way :P)

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