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A quickie, just because a day only has 24 hours and each & every one of them are totally filled-up at this point. In any case, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of sharing with you guys that I am exhibiting a couple of works at The Amore Peduto Gallery in-world. One of the images is an absolute original which hasn’t been published anywhere else – a shot of a place called LusĆ­adas, which is a must see !

Thank you to Michiel Bechir who was kind enough to invite me and to Daisy Haefnir, the owner who welcomed me so warmly. Even if you don’t usually visit art galleries on a regular basis, this place is deffinitely worth a stroll, for it has nothing to do with traditional galleries lay out. Beware, you may even loose track of time hanging around in there šŸ˜‰

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