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"Mr. Hivaoa Outlander", the guy who looks after my credit card

Today, while going through my weekend shopping spree, I realized there was a particular store I couldn’t access. In more than four years as a resident, this was the first time I was prevented from shopping in-world, so I sent a note to the store owner and asked her to inform me who was the owner of the sim… for I immediately suspected what might have happened.

I was right. The store owner was kind enough to immediately reply to me – she was a real sweet and doesn’t need to be identified, since neither she nor her store are to blame for this situation, of course.

So the recent update of the never ending Hivaoa Holdings soap opera on good character: they apparently have banned me from all their rented sims. Which ultimately are a property of ACS Dreamland (who, by the way, was polite enough to regret the incident that I reported recently). I’m happy that someone cares about my credit card status – on the other hand, it is a pity that I am no longer able to shop at the stores located on those sims, nor take pictures of their products which I freely advertise through my flickr stream.

But oh well, there’s so many thousand islands and stores in Second Life for me to enjoy, spend all my sweated earned lindens, take pictures, make pictures that make me laugh… right ? 🙂

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