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"Mr. Hivaoa Outlander", the guy who looks after my credit card

Today, while going through my weekend shopping spree, I realized there was a particular store I couldn’t access. In more than four years as a resident, this was the first time I was prevented from shopping in-world, so I sent a note to the store owner and asked her to inform me who was the owner of the sim… for I immediately suspected what might have happened.

I was right. The store owner was kind enough to immediately reply to me – she was a real sweet and doesn’t need to be identified, since neither she nor her store are to blame for this situation, of course.

So the recent update of the never ending Hivaoa Holdings soap opera on good character: they apparently have banned me from all their rented sims. Which ultimately are a property of ACS Dreamland (who, by the way, was polite enough to regret the incident that I reported recently). I’m happy that someone cares about my credit card status – on the other hand, it is a pity that I am no longer able to shop at the stores located on those sims, nor take pictures of their products which I freely advertise through my flickr stream.

But oh well, there’s so many thousand islands and stores in Second Life for me to enjoy, spend all my sweated earned lindens, take pictures, make pictures that make me laugh… right ? 🙂


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First time I saw something similar to “real toes” it was when anjali Insoo showed me her sandals from J’s Main Shop way back last year. I really enjoyed them but as it was Winter I felt I wouldn’t wear them much, so I kept the demo in my inventory and did nothing. Lately, as I started wearing some more springish outifts and dresses again, I began thinking about them again – about that same time, I noticed Stephen Psaltery from !Style Starts Here had released an amazing pair of sandals, with lots of options. Finally, as the idea matured in my mind, Ana Lutetia posted about SLink recently released sandals, and this ended up helping me make up my mind.

Today, I decided this was the day, so I made a tour among the three stores. SLink has indeed very nice models at 500 L$ the pair and 3.250 L$ for a pack with 13 different colours; J’s was the cheaper store, with his sandals at only 380 L$ each pair and 1400 for the full pack with six colours. All things considered, and although Mr. Psaltery had not made available any demo of his products, I decided his sandals would be the best choice – for 950L$ I would get a full HUD customisable pair of sandals, that would allow me to match my skins, change nail colours, choose the colour of the sandal stripes and of the shoe base accordingly to any possible outfit and even choose among several gem colours that beautiful decorate the shoes. This was not the first time I betted on Stephen Psaltery’ work, as his ankle boots are my favourites in the whole grid (yes, I prefer them over Maitreya’s and Bax’s).

So I bought them… and there’s where my issues started. Not over the sandals themselves, since they are everything I could want and even more – but over matching the prim foot with my skin. Luckily, I started with my favourite tone of the Geminy line skin by Cupcakes, since I own a lot of those and I wear them more often then any other. But finding the perfect tone was a real pain in the but.

I started by choosing the colour that came closer to my skin tone, then played a bit with the RGB sliders. Because the results were not brilliant, I followed one of Ana Lutetia’s tips , shoot a picture of my legs, looked for the skin’s RGB in GIMP and copied the corresponding values. It didn’t work either, and I had to fiddle a lot more with the Hud RGB sliders until I found a result I could at least call satisfactory.

Then, as I zoomed in and out, I think I figured out what the issue was: while the Cupcakes skin is spotless and soft looking, the skin texture on the sandals have some dark spots. That is, for as much as I get them close to my skin tone, they still look odd, as if I was wearing boots, because the texture is not smooth. They are not mody, meaning I cannot even use my skin texture on the prims that model the foot. So I’m stuck with sandals that most probably will wear only with pants, when I really wanted some to wear with dresses and skirts. I feel a bit dumb, and decided to punish myself not buying any of the others, even though J’s are not that expensive and only the toes are primsy, which makes them a lot easier to match with the skin colour.

Here below is the result. And yes, I feel disapointed. Such an awesome work and spoiled because of this detail. I thought about IMing the guy, we have been in touch before and he was always amazingly generous and available… but then, if every one of his customers were to do the same thing – like asking him to use our skin texture in a specific pair of sandals for us, I guess he wouldn’t be doing anything else within the next couple of months, so I gave up. Then again, I am aware this might raise copyright issues, so I decided not to take that path.


*sighs* Yes, sometimes we have to make silly options to learn… But anyway i still think at least a demo at !Style Starts Here would be helpful – maybe other people’s skins are easier to match, for one reason or another…

On a side note, while I was at J’s researching for this post:
[13:44] Miss X. Allen: hello, please, can you tell me where did you find your beautiful shoes? Well… can it be me complicating things ? LOL

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