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Today’s dream-song

Every morning as I drive to work, I listen to the same radio channel. Around 08:15 each day, they have this slot called “dream-song”. Sometimes the chosen song means nothing to me, but it already happened to find me singing out loud… or crying, while listening to it. Today’s music made me start to laugh for the first minute, and brought back a lot of happy memories. I share it with all of you – specially with those that, like me, have had a hell of a month.

For those who are not able to follow the portuguese/brazilien lyrics, all you need to know is that this is about a magical balloon with happy people inside – and all they want is to take this travel filled with fun and enjoyment. Even if the video is a bit old already, it surely deserves to be seen – holly godness, the expressions the the children faces!!

Have a great Friday, everyone :***

Ps – Hum, I AM growing old – why does Djavan all of a sudden seems so hot ? hehehe
Ps2 – specially for you, babe. I know a character in this video will seem familiar to you. No, I don’t think it’s our favorite marine guy who slipped out of the camp, but any comments welcome in my e-mail… uuuhhh!

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