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This is not the first time I struggle against time. In fact, it’s an old enemy of mine. As I walk deep into life, I learn to deal with it, but it is never a friendly relationship, quite the opposite.

I really don’t like this thing about a day being 24 hours only. I don’t like it when it seems to be suspended and I need it to run. I hate it when it runs and I really wanted it to simply freeze. Why can’t a minute be just a minute and last for exactly 60 seconds ? It sometimes takes about one hour just to go from one minute to the next one… is this fair ? Not the least !!

And then, I have these other private reasons for disliking it. I really don’t like it when it overcomes other issues such as space and ends up being the only thing driving me apart from the ones I love.

Yesterday again, I had one of those moments that went straight to memory lane. When all I wanted was that time would stop, that it would interrupt its pace and hold still right there, simply doing nothing… but letting me feel complete, fulfilled… and loved.

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